To the Christian Family's Christmas Lights 2015 page. Building musical sequences using Light-O-rama software and controllers is one of my hobbies. Some of the sequences were open source which were tweaked by me and some were built from scratch. So far I have two controllers which are connected to a laptop and the music is available via a RF transmitter.

The decoration you see on the right side of the yard is the Childhood Cancer gold ribbon and is dedicated in memory of Elijah Aschbrenner who bravely battled Epitheliod Sarcoma for 18 months. As you are enjoying the musical lights take a moment to say a prayer for his family and for all children who are currently battling cancer.

Below are a few of the many sequences I am playing this year. Enjoy!​

This is the Intro song where my 5 year old is narrating.


Let it go. An instrumental version by The Piano Guys


Star Wars Theme song.

​This video was aired on the local WCNC news. Click Here​ to watch it.


This is the Jaws soundtrack


This is a revised version of the soundtrack Run Boy Run


This is the soundtrack from the Disney Junior show Miles From Tomorrow Land.


Rockin' Around Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee


This is a revised version of a Bollywood song, O Saya from the movie Slumdog Millionaire


This is a revised version of a Bollywood song.


This is a revised version of a Bollywood song.


This is a revised version of a Bollywood song.


This is my grand finale song. This is the 30s-to-90s, evolution of music sequence I built from scratch. I stitched all these songs together myself. You will notice that the number of channels used per song increases as the music continues to evolve.​



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